Get Cash Fast in Brooklyn, NY

Need a loan fast? Come to IN Gold Corp., DBA IN Pawn Corp., in Brooklyn, NY. We give cash loans based on appraised loan value on your collateral. We specialize in gold and diamond jewelry, gold coins, silver, and fine watches.

Resent Pawned Items

Loan Terms

We offer loans from $25.00 – $100,000.00. All loans are held for 4 months. If you're not ready to take your items after 4 months, you may pay the interest and other charges due on the loan and receive another 4 months. We calculate interest charges at the New York State regulated rate of 4% per month. Bring us your jewelry items along with a valid state or government issued id and we will be happy to assist you.
  • We insure all items in pawn with a national recognized insurance company at double face value of your pawn.
  • We take care with your valuables. We use individual wrapped and labeled packages. Your items are stored in a state-of-the-art vault which is kept under constant 24 hour surveillance.
  • All loans are entitled to a 30-day period beyond the 4 months. This gives you extra time to make your payments.
  • You need to call the number on your ticket 24 hours in advance before picking up your items.
  • Each month is billed fully as it begins. If you choose to pick up your item before the due date you will only be charged for the time held.
  • Effective October 3rd 2016: MLA goes into effect. MLA regulation 36% MAPR will be applied to all pawn transactions with active-duty members of the armed services. National Guard, Coast Guard, Reserve members, AND their dependents.
For information on our pawn service or your loan status, call us at 718-339-4653.