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#1 Trusted Pawn Shop in Brooklyn, New York

IN Gold Corp. pawn shop in Brooklyn, New York is here for your when you need cash. We buy, sell, and give loans on gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, jewelry, and watches.

Items We Pawn

IN Gold Corp, in Brooklyn, New York pay you cash on the spot for Gold, Platinum, Silver, and Diamonds. With more than 26 years of experience in the jewelry industry, we are an honest and professional. When you need cash fast, you can have complete confidence that we'll give you our best price.

(0% Interest for the first 30 days. Valid for new customers only.)

Two Convenient Locations

IN Gold Corp. pawn shop has two locations in Brooklyn, New York. Come in today or call (718) 339-4653.

Address: 2619 86th St. Brooklyn, NY 11223

Address: 2486 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223

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About Us

IN Gold Corp. is a family owned business that handles your treasures with the utmost respect and friendly customer service. We weigh and test your items right in front of you.


All of our scales are calibrated and certified by The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. We are also members of the Jeweler's Vigilance Committee.

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New York Administration Code Title 20: Consumers Affairs Chapter 2: Licenses Subchapter 11: Dealers in Second-Hand Articles. 20-268 Restrictions as pursuant to said law : e. All second-hand articles or things purchased for the purposes of melting or refining by persons principally engaged in such business, from persons who are not jewelers or dealers, shall not be sold, refined or melted or disposed of until the expiration of fifteen days after such purchase.

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